Are Your Fingers Stuck? Is Your Brain Puzzled?



⁉️ Have you been wondering what exactly are the correct right-hand techniques in flamenco (for example picado)?

⁉️...Have you been having a hard time barring chords, creating unnecessary strain in the hand?

⁉️...Are your chords sounding muffled?

⁉️...Are you having trouble changing chords quickly and smoothly?

⁉️...Are you struggling with timing?

⁉️...Do you have little time to practice?

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    • Strategically, and automatically, place your right-hand playing fingers on the correct strings without even thinking about it!
    • Hold a strong barre chord from the 1st to 7th fret!
    • Track your daily progress and hand strength!

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    About Me:

    👋 Hi! I'm Ben Stubbs, and I've been teaching people of all ages and skill levels how to play the flamenco guitar. I've continuously been impacted by how much the rich art and cultural heritage of flamenco has enriched the lives of my students!

    Flamenco Guitarist, Instructor, and Founder of Flamenco4U, Ben Stubbs, Holding his Arturo Valdez Guitar
    Flamenco4U Founder, Ben Stubbs

    My goal is to touch as many lives as possible with the flamenco guitar, and to give you the best lessons for the best value. I know that it can be a big commitment to pay for guitar lessons every week. Along with regular paid lessons comes considerable pressure and accountability, which of course are both good things! But...

    ...I don't want you to get left behind if you find yourself in between those who can fully commit and those who are mildly curious about flamenco guitar lessons. I believe that there are many students who are not ready to jump into flamenco guitar lessons 100%, but still could find great value in learning incrementally at a more manageable pace. It is doable!

    What My Students Are Saying...


    Exceeded my expectations...Ben connected with me right away. As an adult beginner, I found his instructional methods and philosophy encouraging. Looking forward to working with Ben for a long time....

    -Jack P.


    Mr. Stubbs is an excellent musician and teacher. His approach of flamenco and his performance is masterful. One would think that the discipline required to attain Ben''s level of ability would cause a person to get "stuffy" and dry . But a keen sense of humor, a quick wit and humility make time spent with Ben a pleasurable learning experience.

    -Gary S.


    Ben is an amazing instructor. I hired him for a group lesson and he was fantastic!!!

    -Kristen M.


    I'm currently taking Flamenco guitar lessons with Ben. He's polite, kind, and straightforward. Makes me feel positive and confident throughout the lessons. I tend to ask a lot of questions but he's made sure to answer each of them with enthusiastic and insightful responses. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for serious lessons from a very knowledgeable guitar teacher.


    Let's be honest, it's a busy world, and there are a lot of distractions and commitments when it comes to learning an instrument...

    ...But all of us are called to regular recreation (after all, it is a virtue according to Aquinas). I can't think of a better recreation than sharing the art of flamenco guitar!

    So let me ask you...have you ever wanted to play flamenco guitar? Maybe you haven't ever picked up a guitar...yet. Are you interested in finding out exactly what flamenco is, and what flamenco guitar is all about? Awesome! Then come aboard and explore flamenco guitar along with me as your guide!

    Flamenco4U Founder, Ben Stubbs, with Flamenco Guitar Master, Diego del Morao
    Ben with Diego del Morao

    I can help you get over all the most common, and some uncommon, obstacles to the guitar (e.g., lack of hand strength, buzzing at the frets, barre chord nightmares, weak and cracking nails, limitations to prior arm and/or hand injuries, etc.). Having taught students of all ages, all skill levels, having taught guitar students with physical and intellectual disabilities, there is no obstacle that I have been stifled by to date!

    Maybe you do already play flamenco guitar, and are ready to go to the next level! Awesome…then join me! Maybe you want to accompany for dancers or singers, or simply play and/or improvise with other guitarists or musicians in a band. Maybe you just want to make an impression on your friends and family playing guitar for them at a small get-together.


    Ben is very kind and courteous with my 11 year old son. The lessons and material are well organized. So far I’m very happy with the progress and I would recommend Ben to anyone looking to learn Flamenco guitar.



    Great instructor! Ben goes out of his way to record what you learn in class so you can reference it later on at home. He also is very good about preparing sheet music on new material. Very understanding with time and very knowledgable in guitar.

    -Phillip S.


    Very nice, patient, and good at observing and giving feedback. As an absolute beginner I always had an encouraged feeling during the lesson.



    Very knowledgeable in Flamenco styles. So far it has been a great experience. I am progressing quicker than I anticipated. I thought lessons were overrated, but he has proved me wrong. I look forward to the lessons each time. Thank you Ben!

    -Steve D.


    Love this guy!

    -Michael H.


    Ben has been extremely patient with me & has helped me take my guitar playing to the next level. He's a great teacher & I'd highly recommend him to anyone!


    Let's Talk About Your Desire for the Flamenco Guitar...

    The desire to learn how to play flamenco guitar can have a variety of motives; however, the most importance and universal motive for learning to play the flamenco guitar--or any instrument for that matter--is to share with others the wonderful gift of music! Flamenco, although sung in Spanish, transcends language. It is an art form that was once exclusive to gipsies, then to the people of Andalusia, then the wider diaspora of Spain, but now--ever since the flamenco guitar revolution of Paco de Lucia, flamenco as become an art celebrated all over the world.

    Flamenco4U Founder, and Flamenco Guitar Teacher, Ben Stubbs, with the Late Manuel "Agujetas"
    Ben with the Late Manuel "Agujetas"

    ...So as my online lesson library grows over time, I depend on YOU, my beloved Flamenco4U patron, for your feedback, questions, and requests, in order to deliver you the best lessons at the best value. Let me thank you in advance for becoming a Flamenco4U patron. I can't wait to help you solve any guitar problem(s) you might have that are standing in the way of YOU becoming an AMAZING flamenco guitarist!

    Ben Stubbs with Tomatito

    Ben with Tomatito

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